Saturday, November 17, 2012

WATCH Me Tell Time!

PHEW! I started working at 8:30 this morning and now, at 5:00, I am FINALLY done! A solid 8.5 hour booklet that my kiddies will probably whip through in no time. But that's okay because now I'm going to share it with all of you! 

This product is all about time to the hour and half hour. Originally I *did not* want to spend all day making a time booklet so I spent about an hour last night searching for worksheets and activities to use with my kiddies. I was surprised at how little I found on time to the hour and half hour! Of what I could find, every worksheet was the same; boring old clock after clock after clock. "What time does this clock show?" BORING. 

Now, I'll admit that telling time is pretty straight forward and there is not all that much differentiation available when it comes to teaching it, but I figure if *I* thought the worksheets were boring, I can't even IMAGINE what my kiddies would think. So that's why I made this package! 
(click the pic to view in detail)

Even though the bones of it are similar to any other worksheet out there (identifying times on analogue and digital clocks), in my opinion it offers way more appeal that what I have seen:
(above worksheets do not reflect updates)

As you can see, this package features way more than just the traditional "write the time on the clock" activities. The activities you see range from having students identify the time on both analogue and digital clocks by not just writing, but matching, cutting and pasting, and drawing. Each worksheet is engaging and meaningful, thus the repetition needed in order to master this skill is far from tedious and boring. 

I can't wait to introduce this booklet to my kiddies on Monday. If you would like to download WATCH Me Tell Time head on over to my TpT store. I hope you find it helpful :)

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