Monday, July 29, 2013

School Week Linky: Lesson Planners

So since I've been so awful at blogging throughout the summer, I thought it would be fun to link up with the lovely Tracey over at The Teacher's Chair, and participate in my very first blog linky!! 

So here it is--how I organize my lesson plans:
Yes, I am one of those strange people who, although I'm all for these convenient digital advances, I *have* to write out my lesson plans, lists, reminders, etc., by hand. So, as you might be able to tell from the picture above, my "teacher binder" is massive! It weighs about a thousand pounds and could easily be converted digitally into a two-pound iPad, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

So let's look at some of the tabs inside:
(I *love* the binder covers from A Year of Many Firsts. Click HERE to visit Lyndsey and download your own copy of this great resource!)

My tabs: Student Information, Parent Communication, Supply (this is where I keep any notes supply teachers leave me, as I have a separate "Sub Binder" for when I'm away), School Information, Daybook Plans, (two other tabs that I'm in the process of changing), and Reference (for staff meeting info, and other quick-reference tidbits I receive from workshops, etc.).

At the front of my "Daybook Plans" tab, I keep my long range plans for easy referral throughout the year:
(Above is one of four pages of my long range plans)

After that, I have my daybook plan template (last year's is shown below). Although it may "waste" paper, I need to see my lesson plans for each day, rather than having just a week-at-a-glance. I just find it keeps me much more organized and it gives me a sense of direction. So that is partially why my binder is currently overflowing (it still holds an individual plan for every single school day last year, on top of other helpful information!)
It took me a couple different tries to find a daybook plan that works best for me and, so far, this one has been a winner. 

So that's that! My lesson planner *very* simple--certainly nothing fancy--but it works for me!

Thanks for visiting! Now head on over to The Teacher's Chair and link up!!!

...But, before you go, here's a little FREEBIE for you:
These are the editable binder covers from my 
Island Damask Labels & Decor Pack available in my little TpT store (the binder covers included in the decor pack are NOT editable).

Click the pic above to download and enjoy!

(tech tip: when you click the pic above, the preview may not display the binder cover images, but rather just display text. No worries! After you download, everything should appear as it does above.)


  1. Thank you for linking up today. I loved reading this post! Ahhhh, your big ol' binder makes me so happy! I love everything in one place. I, like you, need to print a plan a makes for a huge heavy binder in June! (It's ok...I had to go out and just buy a huge Vera Bradley teaching bag, that's all!) Your Damask Freebie is beautiful. I was happy to grab it and add it to my collection. I pinned it too...think lots of people will love it! Hope to see you again at the Linky!
    The Teacher’s Chair
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  2. Your binder covers are really cute!! Thanks for the freebie!

    I'm also an Ontario blogger, found you through Teaching is a Gift. I'm your newest follower.


    1. You're very welcome, thanks for stopping by :)

      Oh it's always fun to meet a fellow Canadian blogger! I'm heading over to check out your blog now!!

      Fun With Firsties


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