Friday, November 01, 2013

The Day After Halloween...

Seriously. The day after Halloween should be a PD day. 
But, on the other hand...the wine is uncorked and all is well again in the world :)

ANYWAYS! Despite the insanity, the kiddies had an exciting week. Here's a peek at some of our festive activities:

All week we hunted for sight words in our Halloween poem:

Throughout the week, we did a mini pumpkin investigation:

After estimating how many seeds might be in our pumpkin, we split into groups and counting seeds by 10s:
We brainstormed, predicted, estimated, counted, and, in order to complete the last box ("How should we carve it?"), I had to carve that darn pumpkin.

I am, without a doubt, the world's *worst* pumpkin carver. I paint pumpkins, decorate pumpkins...but when it comes to carving, this is what happens:
The picture even makes it look better than it is. I couldn't have spent more than 3 minutes on it before the kids explicitly questioned why I was "sweating and turning red." Not my cup of tea. 

Anyways, after I finished carving that beast, we filled out the rest of our anchor chart:
and completed our own miniature copies of the investigation:
I LOVED Cara's little scrapbook paper pumpkins and just had to recreate them with my kiddies. How cute is this?!
Grab your FREE copy of the worksheet by clicking the pic below!
During math, we reviewed comparing numbers to 5 and 10 with candy corn:
Click the pic below if you'd like a FREE copy!

Last but not least, I sent my sugar bugs home with ghost poop!
Click HERE to download a FREE editable copy of the gift tags!

...In case I fooled you, it's not really poop from a ghost, it's just marshmallows ;)

And that about wraps up our crazy week. I am going to slowly drift into a candy coma...

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