Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!

School is officially OUT for Christmas break!!! 
Here's a peek at some of the festivities from the last 2 weeks:

For our parent gifts this year, I picked up dollar-a-glass wine glasses and a set of paint markers from Walmart to personalize gifts for moms and dads:

To go along with our glasses, we made these adorable little thumbprint ornaments cards:

All of our literacy centres were of course holiday-themed. At Word Work 1 we played this editable sight word board game:

At Word Work 2 we played a simple sight word Memory game:

At Pocket Chart, the kids sorted sight words by the number of letters:

We are working on descriptive writing right now, so I decided to do a fun descriptive guessing game with the kids. First we decorated a christmas tree template (which I found HERE by googling) and then we described our trees using lots of "5W" details:
After that, I hung up all of the trees and read the descriptions out loud one by one. The kids got to guess which tree I was describing by matching the description to the correct tree. They were totally engaged. This was actually a great activity to help the kids understand how a great description can really help us to understand a writer's vision:
(6 drawings weren't hung up yet...if only I had just 14 kids in my class! hehe)
(Click the pic above to download your FREE copy of the writing paper and tree template!)

We also did this adorable dot art craft:
Their artwork turned out JOYfully ;)

On the last day of school, we had a PJ and Polar Express-themed day. We obviously read this book:
And, after reading the book, we made our very own Polar Express trains with chalk:
(I wish I took more pictures because they all turned out SUPER cute!)

At the end of the very end of this insanely chaotic month, we took a moment to watch the Polar Express and enjoy way too much popcorn and sweets. What a fun day! 
And now for a much-needed 2 weeks of relaxation. Bring it on!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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