Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

First of all, HI!!! If you haven't noticed, have been MIA for over half a year (sorry, ya'll!!), but I am officially BACK and ready to jump right back into my bloggy routine.

So I won't waste any more time and get right into some Halloween fun! Now for the record, I hate strongly dislike Halloween and do not think it should be a holiday...yes, I am one of those. But my kiddies love it so, naturally, I pretend like I do to! 

We read the same poem that we read last year, but this time we did some "I Spy" for sight words (the, out, and on):

We also did a little "pumpkin investigation" (see worksheet below) by observing, touching, and smelling a funny-looking pumpkin. We split into groups and practiced counting by 5s to figure out how many seeds were in our little pumpkin. The answer sure surprised us!
Grab your FREE copy of our investigation worksheet by clicking the photo below:

Throughout the week the kiddies also created some awesome Halloween crafts (thank you, Pinterest!). They turned out beyond adorable:

Last but not least, we had some fun in math and rotated through 4 math practice centres that I whipped up for this festive holiday. My firsties with how well they worked through these centres. They were totally engaged. 
Learning - 1
Sugar Rush - 0
P.S. how stink in' cute are they in their costumes?! Between the fire fighter and the police officer it was like a little Village People reunion. HA!

And here are the four centre activities they're working away on:

You can grab them all and a BONUS writing activity HERE.

And that about wraps up our crazy week. Happy Halloween from Grade One!

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