Friday, November 14, 2014

Sight Words & Flash Cards

Hi everyone! Did your week fly by as quickly as mine?! Sheesh! I

n all the insanity I barely had time to document our week in pictures for you so I thought I'd dedicate this short-and-sweet post to sight words! Last year I wrote a little post about how I introduce sight words to my firsties. I still use some of the same strategies as I mentioned then, but I've recently added a new element. Cue: Sight Word Booklets!
I was (and am) constantly having parents ask me how they can practice sight words with their little one at home. Flash cards have always been a go-to strategy and, although effective, they are a tad dull if you ask me! So I created these booklets as a way to get the kids more involved and interested in creating their own "home-made" flash cards. Tracing and colouring each word not only helps with recognition and spelling, but also supports proper letter formation and fine motor development.

At school, I will have students work through the booklet as extra practice as I gradually introduce new sight words each week. This week though, I just had the kids complete the Pre-Primer booklet as a Word Work centre activity (since they should already be very familiar with their pre-primer sight words, this book will be a good review for most). Their "home-made" booklets will be available all year in each child's book box (in our reading centre/classroom library) for them to read during centre time, to quiz themselves and their friends as a "fast finisher" activity, or to take home occasionally in their Reading Rocks bags.

If you think your bunch would love these cards as much as mine do, you can get a closer look at each pack by clicking the images below:
And if you will use all 3 Dolch sets (I use all 3 in grade one):

And along with our Sight Word Booklets, we also played a sight word game at the end of the's an oldie but a goodie:
haha...please ignore my attempt at drawing a hand

I wrote out all of our Dolch Pre-Primer sight words and the kids had a blast taking turns coming up to SLAP the words I was spying. 

And that about wraps up another wonderful week in grade one. Have a fabulous weekend!

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