Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's & a Skip Counting FREEBIE

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a lovely Valentine's Day on Saturday.

My firsties and I celebrated Vday all week with themed literacy centres from my "Bless Your Heart" activity pack. The writing centre was a particular hit:
The above postcard template is from the Bless Your Heart Valentine Literacy Center Pack

I brought in a mailbox for the kids to "mail" postcards to their friends when they visited the writing centre. On Friday, I delivered each postcard by stuffing them in the bags that the kiddies made for their Valentines (you can kind of see their love bug bags along the back counter in the pic below)...but I secretly read each one first ;) Some of them were super cute: from the traditional "you ar a rili nis frend" and "I like you," to "my favourite culr is blue. Do you like tacos?" haha!

In math, we dove a bit deeper into skip counting and practiced our skills with this super simple cut-and-paste skip counting book:
I snapped this pic of their in-progress books when my firsties took a break to go to gym. The mess gave me serious anxiety but it was the result of little minds hard at work so I managed to pull myself together and resist the urge to clean!

To make the books I just cut 4 long strips of construction paper for each student. The 4 pages featured a cover page (where they just wrote the title "My Skip Counting Book" and decorated it), a skip counting by 2s page, a 5s page, and then a 10s page. 
I had my firsties work on one page at a time. They cut out everything first, mixed up the number cards, and then put them in the correct order in their book.
Click HERE to download all three pages of cut-and-paste skip counting for FREE! 
(which also includes another skip counting activity that was featured in THIS POST)

I hope you enjoy this activity with your littles :)

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