Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Reading List (a linky party!)

Hi everyone! Long time no blog post! I have a very adorable excuse though...
If you follow me on Instagram (@funwithfirsties), you saw this picture and already know that our first little boy was born on April 29th and has been keeping us busy ever since! Love him!!!

But I'm excited to be joining Molly from Lucky to Be in First during Zack's nap for her Summer Reading List for Teachers linky party to share some great reads with y'all!
Now first I have to confess...I'm actually NOT a big reader! I love love *love* children's books and have a ridiculous collection, but when it comes to reading "big people books" I don't have much of an attention span (honestly I think being an English major in university and being forced to read things I was not at all interested in killed it for me). ANYWAYS, my reading list is a little unconventional but I'm super excited about it!!

1. Creative Coloring Flowers - Valentina Harper 

2. Enchanted Forest - Johanna Basford (if you haven't heard of this one, Google Image it now!)
The first two books are not actually summer READS...they're colouring books for adults! I've had these on my Wish List for a long time now and I'm hoping to snag at least one this summer for some art therapy every now and then!

Yes, it's a magazine. But it's my fav and technically it involves reading!! I plan to catch up on the stack of unread magazines that have accumulated since the school year started...hopefully on the deck, in the sun, with a drink in my hand ;)

4. Hands Free Mama - Rachel Mary Stafford
Okay so here is the one ACTUAL book on my reading list! It was recommended to me by a whole bunch of people and it really hits home based on our generations my preoccupation with social media, and my Type A perfectionist personality. Can't wait to read it!

Now for my recommendation list! Again, they're not all conventional but I loved each of them!
1. Honolulu - Alan Brennert

2. Moloka'i - Alan Brennert
I've always had an inexplicable obsession with Hawaii (and I haven't even been!). So I literally judged these books by their covers and bought them based on their names and cover photos! But I'm so happy I did because I absolutely LOVED them.

3. Bringing Up Bebe - Pamela Drukerman
If you're gonna be a mama or are a new mama, I highly recommend this one! It's one of those books that I totally agreed with every point but she wrote it better than I could ever articulate and I actually learned a TON as well. Great easy read.

4. Things We Love - Kate Spade
Here is my unconventional pick! If you love Kate Spade and bright colors and stripes and mimosas and happiness, you will love this fun coffee table book. I flip through mine again and again <3

What's on your summer reading list? Link up HERE to share!

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