Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pattern Party!

(I believe that is the customary first-blog-post greeting, yes?) haha This is my very first year of teaching and I am starting a blog mostly because I want to remember this year forever, and what better way to do that than a digital scrapbook! For all my teacher friends (and parents...Hi Mom and Dad!) I will be posting various activities that we do throughout our school year. I'm hoping my firsties' parents might get involved, too, so that they can have a closer look into the goings-on in our grade one classroom!

So I suppose I'll dive right into my first education post with a pattern party! At the end of our patterning unit, we had a pattern party to celebrate everything we learned about patterns (my kiddies breezed through this unit so it was certainly a nice introduction to the school year!)

I set up a different "centre" activity at each of the table groups. Station 1 was making a pattern crown using stamps and stickers:

Station 2 was making a pattern strip using popcorn, beans, and pasta:

 Station 4 was cutting shapes out of playdough and making a pattern:

The kiddies LOVED our pattern party. We came dressed in patterns and some even brought patterned snacks and lunches!
I forgot to take pictures at the end of the day but after our pattern centres during math time, the party raged on and we made pattern necklaces out of liquorice and fruit loops. That obviously went over very well with my hungry little peanut gallery :)
(LOVE the crowns. They wore them for the rest of the day!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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