Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkins and More

To get our pumpkin unit rolling (pun intended!), we started off with a quick little art activity. I put only yellow and red paint on each table group and told the kids to paint an orange pumpkin. They were totally confused haha Then we talked about mixing colours and I showed them how mixing yellow and red will make orange. You'd think I had told them Justin Bieber was coming to visit. They were off-their-rockers blown away each time they smushed the two colours together and made a whole other colour haha Adorable!!!

Of course all of our morning literacy centre activities were all pumpkin themed:

We read the poem "5 Little Pumpkins" all week. I love tracing activities for my kiddos who need fine motor and letter formation/direction practice. 
(click the pics below to grab those worksheets)
(more examples of our pumpkin literacy centres to come next week!)

In science, our current focus is on how daily and seasonal changes affect people and other living things. We started with looking at how trees change throughout the seasons and so, after a couple days of investigation, I had the kiddos draw a summer tree, fall tree, winter tree, and spring tree:
(I'm still missing a couple})

Well that's it for now...short and sweet! Enjoy the weekend everyone :)

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