Friday, May 17, 2013

Peace Out, Poultry!

In case you're not already crossing off the days yourself, there are 22 more days of school. 22!!! And many of those days are write-offs because of all the end-of-the-year shenanigans that have already begun taking place! BUT...22 more days of school also means that report cards are due in 2 weeks. Oh, boy. Let's let this one speak for itself...
hahah I joke... :)

This week in Word Work the kids used this great (FREE!) resource from A Cupcake for the Teacher:
(click the pic to snag a copy for yourself...thanks Teri!)
Similar to my Rainbow Tracing activity a few weeks ago, I had my kiddies pick any word around the room, roll a die, and write the word in the colour indicated on the Rainbow Roll-n-Write poster. This simple review activity was a hit!

To finish off our mini chicken unit, I had my kids share their knowledge of a chicks life cycle in the form of a little storybook.
They could chose to write about the life cycle of a chicken using fiction or nonfiction (e.g. Fiction: First, a hen lays an egg. Nonfiction: First, Sally the hen laid an egg. She was so exited to be a new mommy hen soon!)
This particular child chose to write a fictitious tale. Too cute!!
(I forgot to take a picture, but one of my students actually wrote "Next, the hen pooped out an egg." hahah ...I silently pray it was a spelling mistake)
This "Tale of Chicken ____" booklet can be found in my Holy Hens! pack.
(photos in this post do not reflect the updated product)

For our art centre this week, we made Patchwork Pets. I just googled templates for various animals such as a cat, dinosaur, and turtle, and printed out a bunch of copies. The kids chose their "pet" and drew random lines through the animal to chunk it up. Then, we just coloured various patters/pictures/designs in each section. The result is pretty neat:

In math, we're just finishing up Number Patterns. Throughout the unit, I had the following activities ready as "I'm done, now what?" activities.
First is a 100 chart puzzle. I just made and printed off copies of a basic 100 chart. Then, I cut each one up in a different way to make puzzle pieces. The kids had to use number recognition to put the puzzles back together:
Super simple! The second one is the same idea. The kids got to make their own puzzles using a 50 chart. After making their pieces, they could put their own puzzle together or swap with a friend:

Finally, this week was a sad day. Our time with the chicks was up :( We had such a blast learning about chickens and getting first-hand experiences with these little fluffballs:
Funny story: we had a fire drill the week before and some of our grade ones were in tears and shouting "The chicks!!! The chicks are going to burn!" haha Thankfully it was just a drill and the chicks are now safe and sound on a beautiful, lush, green farm in the country (at least that's what I told the kids)

Happy Long Weekend, everyone!!!


  1. "Thankfully it was just a drill and the chicks are now safe and sound on a beautiful, lush, green farm in the country {at least that's what I told the kids}"
    Hahaha, this actually made me laugh. And it reminded me of Friends when Joey finds out what really happened to the chick and duck...

  2. @Molly Lawrence
    ahahah I forgot about that part!! No joke, as I was typing it I was thinking of Friends too, but when Monica thought their childhood dog went to live at a farm and Ross was telling her it actually died. GREAT show :)


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