Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Rewind & September Decor

Hey'all....um....IT'S SUMMERRR!!!!! 

Oh boy, never thought I would get here *phew* The last month of school was complete organized chaos. Friends/family would say to me, "oh you must be glad the school year is winding down." Winding DOWN?! Yeah, right! I'm pretty sure we packed more into the last month of school than we did in the entire year. Needless to say....
That is completely accurate in every way.

Over the summer I will be posting a bunch of activities that my firsties did throughout the year that never quite made it to the blog, so stay tuned! 

Today, let's rewind back to June and I'll share the silly little Father's Day card we made for our dads:
We have all seen the ever-popular tie card, so I thought I'd put a unique twist on that tradition. 
I used just the tie and pocket images from this FREE template from Holiday Crafts and Creations:
(Click the pic for your FREE download!(
Inside the pocket, we put a $1,000 Canadian Tire gift card (hehe!)
(I just googled "Canadian Tire gift card" and chose one of the images)
The kiddies thought the little prank was just *hilarious* haha and the cards turned out great:

Along with the card, we gave our dads the sunflower plants we had been growing over the last couple weeks for our Living Things science unit.
Throughout those weeks, we kept a log of our plant's growth in this little log book: 
(Click the pic for your FREE download)

So, like any normal crazy teacher, I spent my first 4 days of summer break already getting ready for September. I have been *obsessing* over chalkboards recently and thought it would be super cute to incorporate that decor into my classroom next year. Chalkboards are becoming a lost tool! ...at least up here in NWO where there is not one single chalkboard in the entire school. It's all white boards and SmartBoards. Which is all fine and dandy, but I say let's bring back some old-school style next year!
This pack includes a whopping 308 pages of cuteness and organization!!! 

Here's a quick description at what's inside:
But FIRST! I'd like to give a BIG shout out to Cheryl over at Primary Graffiti for her brilliant product preview inspiration. She created the most adorable "Butterflies in Disguise" decor pack that kind of has that chalkboard feel to it, too. So if you think you like Chalkboards & Banners then you're going to *love* Cheryl's pack (click HERE to jump to her store). One more thing: I also just recently discovered her blog and--no lie--spent about an hour and half cruising through her posts. So if you have not already checked her out (does that sound weird?) then you need to go there now. Seriously, Primary Graffiti. GO!!!
Okay, turning the crazy dial back to a reasonable level...here's what's inside:
Desk Nameplates- there are two design options available to choose from; and each set includes an alphabet reference, 5 basic 2D shapes, numbers 1-25, and 10 colour words:
Alphabet Posters- there are two design options to choose from, as well as the option of printing smaller half-page posters or larger full-page posters:
Binder Covers & Divider Pages- there are two design options available; and you have 45 titles to choose from (guided reading, school information, writer's workshop, reader's workshop, conferring binder, lesson plans, student information, running records, assessment and evaluation, social studies, word work, sight words, school/team notes, parent/teacher communication, substitute binder, writing, math, ELA, science, phonics, literacy centers, math centers, daily 5, christian living, religion, health and phys. ed., data and assessments, teacher binder, fine arts binder, music, visual arts, drama, master copies, and a cover for each month of the year).
As mentioned in the title, these pages can be used as either binder cover pages, or as divider title pages slipped in a page protector within the binder to divide each subject/heading:
Days of the Week
Months of the Year- there are two design options available (with or without clipart):
Word Wall Headers- these can also be used for levelled reading bins:
Word Wall Sight Words- there are two design options available for each of these 5 Dolch word sets; 5 sets of Dolch words include pre-primer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade words. These words are not only great for display on your word wall, but can also be used for hands-on interaction/learning games at your literacy centres:
Number Posters- these half-page number posters feature numbers 1 through 20 and include the numeral, number word, ten frame number representation, and tally for quick reference:
Number Labels- these include numbers 1 through 100 and are great for your number wall or even math tub labels:
Table Group Signs- these feature numbers 1 through 6, and include the option of two number representation (numerals or number words)...if you choose to hang these signs over table groups, you can either stick to only one number representation option depending on your grade level, or you can stick two copies back-to-back so the numeral is on one side and the number word is on the other:
Chalkboards and Banners: cheerful classroom decor and labels
(Click the pic to visit my store if you would like to download this pack)

And finally, a quick shout-out to the BEST superdad in the world...MINE!
...there's noone else I'd rather get hit by a Sea-Doo with! haha Happy (belated) Father's Day...Love you, Dad!! xox

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