Friday, March 06, 2015

Dr. Seuss & Measurement Too!

Well hi there, hello! Happy Dr. Suess week! We read and did let's take a peak!

Okay I promise that's the only Dr. Suess-y rhyming attempt I will make this post...not bad though, right?! Well anyways, in case you hadn't heard, Monday was Dr. Seuss's birthday so we did some fun literacy activities to celebrate throughout the week...

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was *super* pumped about my flip book! I've literally spent hours trying to figure out how to make an easy template on the computer so I can just print, fold, and GO...and, by George, I've finally got it! YAY!
I'm excited to share my very first (of many!) flip books with you all as a FREEBIE :) 
From I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! "My favourite part was the crocodile wearing underpants."
From The Cat in the Hat: "My favourite part was when the cat in the hat cleaned up." Ah, a child after my own heart...That fictitious mess gave me serious anxiety!

INSTRUCTIONS: You can print the book 2-sided, but I personally hate running back and forward to our school's printer in order to flip the paper so it prints double-sided. So I just find it way easier to print out each page "as is" and then make them double-sided on the photocopier. 
ANYWAYS, this file gives you full instructions and 3 flip book options to choose from: 
1. with traceable sentence-starter (as pictured above) 2. without sentence starter 3. without sentence starter OR book titles (so you can hand-write any Seuss title you choose and then copy a class set)
Click HERE to download! Enjoy!

We also started a new math unit this week: measurement! One of the things we focused on was comparing and ordering lengths. As a fun application of this new skill, my firsties completed a little spring-inspired math craftivity:
We are pretty tired of the cold and snow so we attempted to encourage Mother Nature with our beautiful Measurement Gardens :P ...They turned out so cute so hopefully she melts all the snow for us.
(love the deer!)
The kids cut, compared, and then pasted each plant in order from shortest to longest (or from longest to shortest...their choice!). We talked about how, when comparing lengths, we must always use a common baseline, and the kids decided on their own that the grass was the natural common baseline for this activity because plants don't grow in the sky. True story, kids!
Click HERE to download the flowers for the craftivity!

And without further adieu: bring on the weekend!!

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  1. My Kinders LOVED the Measurement Garden activity!! Thank you for sharing!!


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