Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Best of Back-to-School

Well, it's that time of the year again...
 If you haven't already gone back to school you are heading back soon, so it only makes sense to pump you up by sharing a few of my favourite back-to-school ideas! 
Let's get started!

I have always wanted to do something like this for my kiddos. It's such a great way to squash any anxieties they may have and get them excited about their first day back.

I love this minty fresh idea for Meet-the-Teacher Night! And to make it even better, you can snag Nicole's printable for FREE!

Why not have a "snowball fight" as a fun ice breaker activity?! Kids write three things about themselves on a sheet of scrap paper but DON'T write their names. Scrunch it up and, on your command, start a "snowball" fight! At the end of one minute or so, each student grabs the nearest "snowball," reads it aloud, and tries to guess who wrote it. 

Leave it to the amazing Debbie Clement to come up with such an adorable idea for a first day classroom-community-building activity! How cute would this look on your door?

I did Friday Journals one year and loved it! Every Friday starting from the first week, kids write a little note (and add a picture or two depending on your grade) to their parents telling them a few of the things they learned/did that week at school. The parents write a short response over the weekend and send the book back on Monday. Each parent response earns a sticker for the cover. It's such a great way to practice letter writing, reinforce what was taught each week, and get parents involved...plus it makes for a fun little keepsake by the end of the school year.

There are a bunch of adorable all-about-me pennant banners out there. This one is too cute...and FREE from The Bomb-Diggity Classroom!

I apologize for the self-promotion but I honestly couldn't start the year without my monthly newsletters! The editable template makes it so easy for me to produce an informative and CUTE newsletter with little effort. It definitely makes parent communication much easier!

And finally, it's always fun to end a fabulous first week sweet little treat for your new bunch. There are SO many cute first-day gift ideas out there but using fishy crackers and this snack tag saying is one of my favs!

What are some of your favourite back-to-school ideas?!

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