Monday, August 31, 2015

Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts

It's Teacher Week again over at Blog Hoppin' and I'm excited to be a part of it! Today is...
Here we go!

1. I love love love home decor. If you follow me on Intagram, you know that we recently moved into a new house. I have been losing sleep over planning every single detail of each room, from paint colours to all of the accents that I cannot afford haha will be a long road but seeing the "before" and "after" pics will make it all worth it!
This is a sneak peak of part of our new house. It's funny because when we were first looking at houses, I would cringe at any brown house. I HATE brown. ...and we probably bought the brownest house you could possibly buy haha But, of course, I already have big plans for the exterior too. Pray for my husband. hahah

2. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with anything tropical or beach-related. I have no idea where that came from but one day I WILL live among palm trees, sand, and ocean!
In the past I have visited Jamaica 4 times, Dominican twice, Cuba twice, Grand Cayman, Haiti, Vegas, Florida twice, Mexico twice (this picture was taken on my most recent trip to Mexico...check out that storm! Amazing!!) and I can't remember where else :P
Jamaica, so far, is my absolute favourite. Hence why we were hitched last year in Negril <3

3. You might already know that I danced for 16 years and competed all over Ontario as well as Las Vegas and Florida. What you don't know is that when I was younger I danced and sang lip-synced in a video production that was sold in China to help children learn English! (Excuse the horrible picture quality, I just took pics of the photos in albums!)
(These were all taken on set in various locations in Toronto. I'm the blondie!)
(The last photo above was our pointe group for "Full of Grace." Can you find me?! This is back when I had naturally blonde hair...that's me in the top middle!)

4. One of my favourite things about teaching is actually the "behind-the-scenes" stuff. I probably shouldn't admit this but if there was a job where I could do all of the planning, prepping, decorating, and organizing for a teacher, I would be ALL OVER that!! Plus that way the teacher could focus all his/her energy on teaching. I think that's one of the reasons why I *love* making resources for other teachers. Anyone want to hire me to be your personal assistant?! ;)
This was taken before my first year of teaching the first grade, three years ago.

5. I have a tattoo on my foot that's written in Hawaiin. It says something like "little starfish" ...or "starfish little" ...or?? Let's be serious, who knows what it actually says. I got it in university as a reminder of the Starfish Story--it has always been a favourite tale and is also one of the reasons I became a teacher. And it's written in Hawaiian because, you know, I've never been to Hawaii but for some reason I am obsessed. I now HATE the font, and wish it was smaller, but I still don't regret it one bit :)
This was taken right after I had it done over five years ago now!

There are a few versions of this story that vary slightly. This is my fav:

I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 very random facts! 
Head back to meet some more amazing teacher bloggers :)


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