Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Teacher Week: Make Ahead Meals

Day 2 of #teacherweek15 is all about 
Ah, meal planning. This is not my strong suit! So about a month ago I made, printed, and laminated a meal planner that hangs on the side of our fridge:
(FYI: "b.c.c." is our code for broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower...usually with onions and/or zucchini or another veg.)

I also made and printed out some ideas if I'm ever stuck on what to eat:
And if you're wondering what a "Mix-n-Match meal" is (listed under "Dinners"), I made up this little thing to inspire myself:

So ANYWAYS, we plan our meals for the week on Sunday, then do all of the grocery shopping and prep work (cutting up fruits & veggies to keep in containers, making my favourite healthy pancakes & freezing them, etc.) that day to save time during the week.

My all-time favourite go-to lunch and the recipe I'm sharing for Teacher Week is Texas Caviar. It's SO easy, makes a TON, is so ADDICTING, and lasts for up to THREE WEEKS in the fridge...although it has never lasted more than a week for us because both my husband and I will have it for lunch every day almost every other week! 
On weeks we don't have Texas Caviar, our main go-to lunches are egg salad or tuna sandwiches (I make the egg/tuna salad part on Sunday and it lasts all week), and Greek pasta salad.

Click to download the Texas Caviar recipe:
(My modifications: I cut the sugar in half, sometimes skip the corn just because, and I sometimes use EVOO or coconut oil instead of canola oil. I don't use the multigrain Scoops because the regular ones are actually healthier! And I also like to add in half a fresh avocado to my portion each day.)

Want to use my meal planner too?! Click the pic to download it for free :)

I hope you love that recipe as much as I do! Head back to grab some more delicious meal ideas :)

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