Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Rewind!

First off, I hope you all had a *wonderful* Christmas! We definitely got spoiled this year and enjoyed lots of delicious meals and family company. But now I finally have some time to share a few of the festivities that went on in our classroom the few crazy days before Christmas break. Here we go!

We are still focusing on descriptive writing, and those of you who have been reading along for a while now will probably remember the descriptive writing guessing game that my firsties participated in last year. Well, it was such a hit that I brought it back for another round!
First we "decorated" a simple Christmas tree template, making sure to add lots of unique details. Then we put our descriptive writing skills to the test and wrote a detailed description of our trees.
Then for the fun part! I hung up all of their trees and read each description one by one. After each description, the kiddies had to guess which tree matched the description. 
I still love this activity because it really helps drive home how important it is to be specific with their descriptions, but also to help them understand what types of details are important to include. They did an awesome job; most descriptions and trees were matched on the first guess!
You can download the tree template and writing paper by clicking HERE or either picture below:

This year I edited the template to include dotted printing lines so if you'd prefer the version below, click HERE.

My kids love centres so we also spent lots of time the last few days working through some fun and engaging (and purposeful) centres. 
What originally began as me creating a few purposeful but festive centre activities to use the last week of school, quickly turned into an entire Print-and-Go worksheet pack for Christmas and winter (with 10 math and 10 literacy activities) basically 5 minutes of work turned into a few hours haha Story of my life! But I'm so excited with the result:
(Click HERE in order to view each worksheet up close by using your zoom)
We used just about every activity from this pack throughout the week (so they have all been kid-tested and enjoyed!) and I was so excited to see how engaged my firsties were. Seriously, this amount of focus the last week of school before Christmas break completely shocked me:
My firsties ROCK!!! P.S. how stinkin' cute are they in their PJs? Yes, this is the LAST DAY and they're all working their little booties off. Thank you, Santa!
Anyways, I usually put out 2 math and 2 literacy activities each time and always had a few just-for-fun "fast finisher" activities that the kids could grab and bring back to their centre to work through until it was time to visit another centre.
I just printed off a bunch of these colour-by-number pages that I found through Pinterest HERE
There's also a TON of cute (and free!) printable activities over at Activity Village that I've used for the same purpose. 

If you'd like to check out the Print and GO! No Prep Math & Literacy Worksheet Pack for Christmas and Winter in more detail, click HERE :)

And that about wraps up our whirlwind of a week! I am still in shock that Christmas has already come and gone...slow down, time! 

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years :)

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