Tuesday, December 09, 2014

FREE Telling Time Math Centres

Today we wrapped up our time unit with some fun math centres. All of the centres will be available to you as freebie downloads! Merry Christmas!

At the first centre, the kiddies got to practice drawing the hands on an analogue clock by picking a time card and using a whiteboard marker to show the correct time:
(Click HERE to grab this centre! FYI: I printed 5 of the clock faces and backed them on construction paper for durability before laminating)

The second centre was a matching game where my firsties worked together to choose an analogue clock card, read the time, and find the matching written and digital time card:
(Click HERE to download this centre)

Next up, the students practiced writing digital times by choosing a card, reading the time on the analogue clock, and writing the correct digital time below with a dry erase marker:
(Click HERE to download this centre)

Last but not least, this last centre combined math and art! This bunch of firsties loves to draw and colour so I simply had plain white paper, markers, and round plastic buckets (to use for tracing) available at the centre and the kids got to draw their own creative clock creatures. Of course I was all about the correct hand and number placement and they were all about their adorable creations:
In the end I had some cat clocks, bunny clocks, bear clocks, flower clocks, monster clocks, and more! 

Overall the Time Centres were a total hit. We spent about 10 minutes at each centre and my little ones were engaged right from beginning to end. Success!

Tomorrow, I plan on reading this book:
It's the perfect book for ending our math unit since the ladybug goes through his day by time to the hour and half hour. As I read, the kids will show me each time on their mini clocks for extra practice. We use these:
(We have a class set from Scholar's Choice)

After our book, we will do one quick final assessment worksheet:
(Grab this free worksheet HERE!)

...And that will be that for time! Next up, addition and subtraction Christmas Concert practice! Just when I think things could not get any busier... :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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