Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Hangin' Around the Room (Teacher Tips!)

Hey'all! So it's the last day of this fabulous #teacherweek13 linky. THANK YOU to the fabulous ladies over at Blog Hoppin' for hosting, and thank you to all of you who commented, pinned, and just visited my blog this week...I know I sure have gotten a TON of great resources and ideas from all of you!
Today I will be sharing a Teacher Tip.

It is no secret that, as the year goes by and we are developing more and more anchor chart resources by the minute, that you quickly run out of space to display charts in your classroom!!!
Well, my friends, I have a cheap and easy solution to share with you! One day, I walked into my brilliant first-grade-teacher friend's (I've featured Stacy in the past HERE and HERE) classroom and saw this:
Can you see how the charts are hanging? Here's a closer look:

I just about *died* with excitement (I must be a teacher haha). But seriously, how smart is that? You can use any kind of pant hanger to display your anchor charts: 
(those cheap plastic ones you get with pants from Walmart are awesome)

Whether you hang them off a push pin, over a cupboard/door (that's why it's great to get the one with the spinning handles so you can turn it like I did in the first pic), or on the back of a bookshelf/storage unit, etc. The possibilities are endless! I ended up grouping my anchor charts and having one hanger at my word work center, one hanger at my writing center, etc. So that the kiddies could flip through ALL of the relevant anchor chart resources we had been creating since the beginning of the year.
Love it! Thanks for your ingenuity, Stacy ;)

Psst...check out THIS POST for another mind blowing anchor chart solution!

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  1. Brilliant!!!! Wow. So simple but I never thought of it. Too bad I have recycled all those hangers! Not anymore! ps - I am a new follower!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade


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