Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week: Now Teach! Organizing for Instruction

Hey y'all!! So I'm back today with:

to share with you some organizational tips

(I was not able to participate yesterday as I, sadly, do not get my classroom until the end of October this year...but I am still planning on linking up to Classroom Digs then!)

Because I am still working and organizing from home, I'm just going to share two quick tips with you...two of my favs!
I organize all of my math tub activities using these four 3-door storage units:

Inside each drawer is all the activities I will bring out for each month. I organize those in envalopes like this:
that I label with the name of each activity. 
(I should have taken pictures of the inside of the drawers so you can see, sorry. But I'm sure you get the idea!)

Here's another look of the three organized-by-month storage units:

After all of my monthly labels, there end up being 2 drawers leftover so I use those for:
(where I keep all of my extra activities in case I want to change things up, use them as an "I'm done, now what?" activity, etc.)

(where I keep most of the manipulatives that go with more than one math tub activities; such as large and small dice, a baggy of snap cubes, etc.)

I also use this organizational system for my literacy centers.
If you would like to download your own copy of my simple chalkboard labels, you can grab a free copy of those HERE.

The last organizational tool I'm sharing with you today that I can't live without is my Thirty-One teacher bag!
(notice all of the beautifully-colored pens that I use ALL the time  that are mostly just for decoration)

It weighs about a thousand pounds and contains WAY too many things that I really don't need to bring home with me every.single.night. but I love it and need it by my side! 
The best part about it is that it fits one of those basic plastic hanging file racks so I can organize all of my materials with files and folders. I'm currently in the process of reorganizing my bag but you can see I still have a couple labels in (marking, notes/ideas, and resources).

Yes, one of the reasons my bag is so heavy is because I carry all of my "teacher manuals" back and forth every day in the hopes that I will be in the mood to plan ahead, which happens just about every single night because I'm super organized.

Now click the pic below and head on over to Blog Hoppin' and check out everyone's fabulous organizational tools, tips, and ideas!


  1. Wait, stop. How cute are those drawers? They are so bright and perfect! Love them!

    Happily Teaching

    1. They're awesome, eh?! Found them at Walmart for 10 bucks each...obviously HAD to buy at that price :P Then just decorated {Pinterest-style} with scrapbook paper and good ol' Scotch tape!


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