Monday, August 12, 2013

#teacherweek13 -- Meet the Teacher!

Hi everyone!! I'm excited to be linking up this week with Blog Hoppin' for:

(I'm going to "steal" a few random facts from a recent blog post)

1) My name is Sam. Technically, Samantha Alexis Nowak (pronounced "novak" grandma is Polish). I was born on February 14 and I have a big sister named Stephanie:
(She's less than one year away from becoming a paramedic! ...I hope this means I get to go for rides in the paramedic van)

2) I moved waaaayyyyy up north (not really THAT far, but definitely far for a city girl) just to teach. There were next to no teaching jobs in the city so I dragged my fiance back up north to his home town. As terrified as I was at first, we very quickly fell in love with this place. How could you not?!
And, before I knew it, this became my favourite past-time:
I quickly learned: the more mud the better!!!

3) Speaking of the fiance, I'm marrying my partner-in-crime in Jamaica on February 12, 2014 (his birthday). We're a little nuts...

4) I danced 24/7 for 16 years of my life. I have my Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 2. My studio was competitive so I've traveled to places like Florida and Las Vegas for Grand National competitions.

5) I eat whipped cream out of the tub like icecream. DE.LISH.
6) The only "celebrity crush" I've EVER had is Jim Carrey. No Aaron Carter, no Brad Pitt, no Channing Tatum. I've only got eyes for Jimmy!

7) I love sketching and painting, although I haven't had the time in a while. It was always my favourite subject throughout elementary school, high school, and university. 

8) I make my own red and white wine.
9)  Last year (2012) was a *crazy* year: I graduated from teacher's college in April, moved up north, finished the school year supplying at a local elementary school, got engaged, and, about 2 weeks before the new school began, landed my dream job as a first grade teacher. 
Those two weeks were spent in a complete frenzy trying to prepare for something I suddenly felt I knew nothing about...but it didn't take long for things to fall into stride.
(When I moved into my room, it was completely empty. This picture was a couple days before school started and, although it may look finished, there was still TONS to do!)
My first year was absolutely insane. Good insane, bad insane, I got it all!!! There were days when I was *loving* life as a first grade teacher: working at school until 5 and then working at home until 12. And there were days when I went home at 3:15 in tears, opened up my computer, and started looking for another job. 
I thank God every day for the support from my school's staff (you guys are stinkin' AWESOME!); my family who put up with my stressed-out, over-emotional, borderline bi-polar behaviours; and the amazing world of teacher bloggers for continually renewing my love for this career!

10) Oh, and of course I have to mention CARLOS our minniature long-coat chihuahua. He's super important. So here's some cuteness before you go:

Like I said, I LOVE connecting with new teachers every are all so creative and inspiring, and I can't wait to get to know you all a little better.

So, head on over to Blog Hoppin' to LINK UP and join the fun!!! 
Here's what's on the menu for the rest of the week:


  1. Your chihuahua is so cute!!! Thanks for linking up and commenting :)

  2. Hi Sam! I just found your blog by linking up after you at Bloghoppin'. I'm so glad I did! The scenery where you are is beautiful... so jealous! Reading about your first year brought back so many memories. I think teaching is the hardest job you'll ever love! Love that you make your own wine. My husband is a beer brewer and sometimes he lets me help.
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

    1. Hi Meghan!

      You are absolutely right about that: "The hardest job you'll ever love!" ...That's a great way to put it! I'm heading over to check out your post now! Thanks for visiting mine :)


  3. Your classroom is HUUUGE! I'm so jealous. The rooms at my school are teeny. And your pup is too cute :-)

    1. Yes it's certainly awesome to have such a big room! ...but no matter the size of the room, by the time you cram all of your table groups, different center tables, and of course the kiddies in there, there's never much room left anyways! haha

      Thanks for stopping by, KaSandra! :)

  4. It was nice learning more about you! Do you live in Michigan? I thought only we said "up north"! Your puppy is adorable!

    1. Hi Melanie! Haha no, much more up north than that!! I live in Canada :P North of Minnesota actually. I am originally from Toronto so that's why it's VERY "up north" to me!

      Thanks for visiting!! :D

  5. Hey! I found you on the Blog by Province Linky! You're in Ontario! So am I!! Curious...what do you consider WAY up north? LOL I'm originally from a small town in northern Ontario and people always asked if we lived in igloos up there (we weren't THAT far up north, yeeeesh!)I live in the Sudbury area right now.

    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom

    1. Hi Renee!! It's always nice to meet a fellow Canadian blogger :) I just moved to a tiny {to me} town called Dryden. Do you know it? I'm originally from Toronto so it's VERY northern to me! haha And I actually went to university in North Bay and visited Sudbury a couple times!

      P.S. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower :)

  6. WOW! Look what you can do as a dancer! and a teacher in just a couple days! OK, my new obsession is with cool whip too, but Cool Whip makes a frosting with Cool Whip and CREAM CHEESE! OMG, can you say DELICIOUS! Try it out!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

    1. Are you serious??! I've never heard of the cool whip frosting! That is officially on my next shopping list...thanks for telling me! :P


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