Thursday, August 01, 2013

School Week Linky: Tech Tips

Day 4 of The Teacher's Chair linky is all about tech tips!

I am not exactly "tech savvy," so unfortunately I don't think I have all that much to contribute to this topic I cannot wait to see what everyone else posts about!!!

Today, rather than sharing tech tips, I'll share some lessons I have created for my SmartBoard, as well as one of my go-to websites during my kiddies' computer time.

Let's start with the SmartBoard. 
Despite not being a computer wiz, I *love* my SmartBoard and use it every single day in my classroom. Not only does it make my life easier, but the second I incorporate it into my lessons, my kiddies are completely engaged!

MATH: Patterning

The first file I will share is a hands-on graphing activity:
(I use the above file during our Hot Chocolate theme!)

The images in the coloured boxes near each of the graphs are "infinitely cloned," which means students can grab the image of their choice by tapping and dragging the picture to the appropriate location on the bar graph. Each student can take turns dragging and dropping their choice until all students have been "surveyed." When the graph is complete, either the teacher or students can fill in the information to the right of the graph using a SmartBoard marker.

Here are the other graphing pages in the file:
Click HERE to see an example of how I used this mini-lesson in my own classroom and download your FREE copy of the SmartBoard file :)

MATH: Addition & Subtraction

These simple, hands-on activities are a quick way to review/practice basic problem solving skills. They also connect word problems with the basic number sentences and symbols that we learn about in our addition and subtraction math unit:
Each activity includes an answer page to help you better understand how to complete the activity:
DOWNLOAD this SmartBoard activity (it's FREE)!


This next SmartBoard page can be used during a science unit on energy.
This activity focuses on energy chains; the process of how the sun passes its energy to each and every living thing, OR how the energy of each and every living thing can eventually be traced back to energy from the sun. As shown by the example on the top right, students & teacher can work together to drag and drop the images in the correct order (answer page is included).
DOWNLOAD this for FREE :)

(I have also recently blogged a FREE DPA SmartBoard activity HERE if you're interested!)

Finally, one of my (and my firsties') favourite websites to visit during computer time is 
I love it because it features a mix of both educational and just-for-fun games, and a clear organization of grade level (as you can see from the screenshot below). I love the way the website is organized as it allows for easy differentiation (e.g. my higher firsties can easily challenge themselves by visiting activities one grade-level up). If you haven't already checked it out, GO!
See ya'll tomorrow for the last day of The Teacher's Chair School Week Linky...let's end with a bang!!!

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